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Undoubtedly, natural teeth are precious but due to many factors such as decaying, injuries and extractions many people lose them. Sad but true. And consequently it becomes difficult for the person to chew or bite food leaving them feel uncomfortable. Loss of tooth is inevitable but the missing teeth can get replaced with dental implants. Success of dental implants is higher than that of any other dental replacement methods. Despite being one of the most popular teeth replacement techniques, dental implants are often associated with various myths such as these are costly, cause headaches, risky, painful and so on. But as said these are just myths!

Facts about Dental Implants

Permanent and long lasting Solution

Bridges, crowns and dentures need to get replaced and adjusted from time to time throughout the years but dental implants are permanent! While the bridges depend upon the health of the surrounding teeth for stability, dental implants don’t. These are proved to be the longest lasting tooth restoration available today.

Look and Feel like Natural Teeth

Although there are many tooth replacement options that exist, but only dental implants actually look and feel like real and natural teeth.

Made of Titanium

Dental implants are made from Titanium in general. These replace the root of the missing tooth and serve as an anchor for the replacement tooth or crown.

Implants Cannot Get Cavities

As dental implants are artificial these cannot decay and hence cannot get cavities ever. However, it is still a good practice to take care of the surrounding gum tissues and teeth by brushing and flossing around the implant.

Preserves Bone

Dental implants can actually preserve bone and stimulate its growth.

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